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Hour Session - Mystical Mindset Coaching - NLP Master Coach

Hour Session - Mystical Mindset Coaching - NLP Master Coach

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Build a state of existence that allows you to transform limiting self beliefs. Develop a deep understanding of thoughts and behaviour, improve your interpersonal skills and build self awareness. Create clear defined pathways to living your best life. 

These sessions can be used to develop or create a business model, built a direct pathway to your success. Overcome an obstacle on your path. Or simply let go of an old narrative, reduce stress and anxiety in your life. 

The process of coaching is always co-creation, a system of combined energy in sacred space. Your mind holds the key and can unlock any door it chooses.

 This session is one hour in duration.

Violet has over 25 years hands on experience in small business creation and development in a multitude of fields. Having personally built her own successful stores and brands that reached national distribution. She has an intensive background in sales, public speaking and client resolution. Known within the psychic realm as a trainer/ teacher developing deeper understanding & abilities within oneself to reach knowing. 

Having attained advanced diplomas in clinical hypnosis with applied psychotherapy, beauty therapy, massage therapies, aromatherapy. A master coach level in Neuro linguistics and Neuro semantics.

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