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Devils Bath Parlour

Hex Breaker - Ritual Bath Soak

Hex Breaker - Ritual Bath Soak

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Carefully blended with purifying, banishing & protective elements, Hex Breaker is all about the good vibes!

A magical blend of cleansing and purifying salts, Juniper Berries, Peppercorns and Bay. 

All elements have been selected & blended to assist with cleansing and banishing negativity as well as purifying your ritual bath

Scent: Lightly scented with Thyme and Olive Leaf, to assist in warding off nightmares and assist with healing and protection. With notes of Lemon Thyme, Lime & Sandalwood it’s bringing a refreshing and herby fragrance to your ritual bath

How to use: Prepare your magical space. Ritual baths can be performed before or as part of your new/dark moon ritual, or spellwork. Add 3-4 tbs of loose bath salts directly into a warm bath or fill a reusable bath tea bag (for easy clean up) and allow to dissolve. Soak your (unholy) temple in the magic. Once your ritual bath is complete, collect botanicals and return them to the earth as thanks.



Magnesium Sulfate, Hawaiian Black Salt, Himalayan Rock Salt, Fragrance, Tapioca Starch, JuniperBerries, Peppercorns, Bay Leaf

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