Naomi possesses a profound empathic ability and serves as an energetic healer, adept at examining your Aura/Energetic field to identify and address any issues requiring clearing or healing.

From her early years, Naomi's empathetic nature enabled her to perceive emotions and energy, drawing strangers who would confide in her with their life stories.

Naomi's journey towards healing with crystals began nine years ago when a Crystal Healer approached her, guided by her Angelic team to mentor Naomi in the art of healing. This encounter acted as a catalyst, inspiring Naomi to embrace her true calling.

About Naomi

In recent years, Naomi has expanded her healing practices, delving into Angelic Healing, Reiki I and II, Atlantis Healing, and collaborating with Galactic guides to provide comprehensive healing experiences. Each healing session is tailored to the individual, often accompanied by messages from spiritual guides.

She serves as a conduit for the Universal Christos energy from Source, channeling it through her sessions with the assistance of Angels, Crystals, and Guides to facilitate healing. Naomi's compassionate and nurturing demeanor ensures that all messages and healing are delivered with love and care.

Currently, you can find her at Crow and Cauldron on the last Sunday of each month, with the hope of expanding her availability as her practice continues to grow.

What Naomi brings to the Cauldron

  • Healing Services

    Naomi's services are truly unique, as she crafts each healing experience to cater specifically to the needs of the individual client.

    Her approach is guided by her intuitive connection to higher energies and spiritual guides. This means that no two healings are alike, nor defined as a specific listed service.

    With the guidance of her spiritual allies, Naomi identifies precisely what requires attention during each session. Whether it's emotional clearing, chakra balancing, or receiving messages from the spirit realm, she adapts her healing techniques to the client's unique energy and circumstances.

    This personalized and intuitive approach ensures that every client receives a tailored healing experience that addresses their specific concerns, making Naomi's services a profoundly individualized and transformative journey for each person she assists.

Naomi's FAQ

Also known as

The Sacred Container

What type of reader is Naomi?

Naomi is a healer, who uses her psychic tools and guides to deliver messages and energies.

When is The Sacred Container at the Crow and Cauldron? 

Currently, Naomi from The Sacred Container is available at The Crow & Cauldron every last Sunday of every month from 10am-3pm.

This may change with the growth of Crow & Cauldron.

Fun Fact About Naomi

Around the Crow & Cauldron, Naomi is known as, or referred to as, 'Mama Bear' - as her energy is that of a warm mother's hug!

Client's have often said the same thing about Naomi's aura, often also accidentally calling her 'Mum'!