With over two decades of dedicated experience in healing and psychic services, Lee radiates wisdom and compassion on the path to wellness.

Anchored in clairvoyance, she possesses clear sight and inner knowing, guided by unwavering spiritual companions since childhood. This enduring bond empowers her to offer profound insights, supporting clients on their unique journeys.

Renowned for her multifaceted healing approach, Lee employs grid work, spiritual guidance, oracles, natural wellness tools, and reflexology to foster transformation.

As both a practitioner and teacher, Lee imparts spiritual and energy wisdom to eager learners, including children's crystal instruction and essential oil education.

At the Crow & Cauldron, Lee's presence enriches our community, contributing to our shared mission.

About Lee

Lee is an Energy Weaver specializing in Energetic Alignment Therapy.

She is a Psychic Clairvoyant and Intuitive Empath with expertise in Advanced Crystal Healing, including Chakra Clearing & Balance, Inner Child Healing, and Heart Expansion for grief and loss, all through her use of her grid work tools.

Lee also holds diplomas in Foot, Face & Ear Reflexology and Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting. She is skilled in Essential Oil Wellness and custom blends, as well as the Aromatouch Technique.

Lee is a Natural Health Advocate and an Auric Clearing Master Healer. Additionally, she serves as a teacher of spiritual and energy foundations, offering children's crystal classes and essential oil introduction courses.

Services Lee brings to the Cauldron

  • Energy Weaver

    An energy weaver is an individual who works with the energies in and around the body, often through various holistic or spiritual practices, to balance, harmonize, and heal. These practitioners use their intuitive and energetic abilities to manipulate and channel energy in ways that promote well-being, inner peace, and physical and emotional healing.

  • Psychic Empath

    Lee is a psychic empath - someone with heightened emotional sensitivity and intuition.

    They can deeply sense and understand the emotions of others, often using their gift to provide support and guidance, particularly in healing and caregiving roles.

  • Energetic Alignment Therapy

    Energetic Alignment Therapy is a holistic approach that optimizes your vital energy flow, harmonizing your body, mind, and spirit. Using techniques involving Chakra cleansing and crystal healing, our skilled practitioners release blockages, align chakras, and restore your energy balance, leaving you revitalized and deeply relaxed, with a profound sense of inner harmony.

  • Crystal Healer

    Crystal healing is an ancient holistic practice using crystals' energy for overall well-being.

    Crystals are believed to balance and harmonize the body's chakras. Whether for relaxation, stress relief, or inner connection, crystal healing is a gentle, non-invasive approach to achieving balance and healing.

  • Aromatouch Massage

    The AromaTouch Technique is a therapeutic relaxation method that blends the power of essential oils with soothing touch. In a session, our skilled practitioners apply a sequence of chosen essential oils to your back and feet, offering both physical relaxation and emotional balance. This technique promotes overall well-being, reducing stress and enhancing the immune system.

  • Reflex Therapy & Healing Services

    Reflex Therapy & Healing is a holistic practice that utilizes the body's reflex points to promote well-being and healing. By applying pressure to specific areas, often on the feet, hands, or ears, practitioners aim to stimulate the body's natural healing processes, reduce stress, and restore balance. This therapy can provide deep relaxation and support physical, emotional, and energetic harmony.

Lee's FAQ

Lee is also known as


What does Lee specialise in?

Lee is an expert Energetic Alignment Therapy, as well as a specialist in Advanced Crystal Healing, Chakra Clearing & Balance, Inner Child Healing, and Heart Expansion for grief and loss, all with the help and use of her grid work tools.

How does Lee connect to the spirit world?

Lee is a Psychic Clairvoyant and Intuitive Empath.

Fun fact about Lee

Lee spends as much time as possible getting her hands dirty in her vege garden or working away madly in her craft room knitting and crocheting.

She has also been singing and performing since she was 8 years old, having worked internationally and performed on both albums and TV.