Violet's journey as a seasoned Master Coach spans an impressive 25 years, during which she has not only accumulated extensive experience but also refined her innate psychic abilities. These talents were cultivated within the nurturing embrace of her family environment during her formative years.

Embarking on her professional path under the name "Gypsy Cauldron," Violet's exceptional gifts have spanned the world, earning her recognition both nationally and internationally. Her unique insights and psychic abilities have been seen on television audiences, with her notable appearances on Psychic TV, as well as engaged with viewers through live online broadcasts through social media.

Violet has also assumed leadership roles, demonstrating her expertise and teaching capabilities by coordinating and instructing at events like the Winter Retreats in Hunter Valley. She regularly conducts classes in psychic development and magic, leaving a lasting impact on eager learners.

Furthermore, Violet has shared her presence as a host for Bell Jar's Divine Dining events, adding first hand insight to these gatherings.

These are just a few highlights of her remarkable journey, which continues to unfold with each passing day, enriching the lives of those fortunate enough to cross her path.

About Violet

Violet's journey in Ascension Alchemy is a dedicated quest to learn and train, empowering others to connect with their inner source. Her primary mission centers on aiding individuals in shedding trauma, dispelling fears, and breaking free from mental barriers to unlock their boundless potential.

Violet's commitment to this cause is evident through her involvement in various classes, workshops, and speaking engagements at retreats and events, all designed to reignite people's connection with their timeless wisdom.

Her extensive qualifications and active participation in events are a testament to her expertise.

Violet has been a featured guest at psychic festivals, including Psychic Angels events across NSW, where she has also contributed to charity functions supporting Brain Cancer and Banks House Mental Health awareness. She showcases her proficiency through live demonstrations and presentations at prestigious venues such as the Newcastle Spiritualist and Central Coast Church. Her prominence extends to the Campbelltown Spiritualist Church, where she is a regular presence on their live social media Q&A sessions.

These remarkable opportunities are just a fraction of Violet's enriching journey. Beyond her spiritual work, she possesses diverse experiences, including successfully conceiving and nurturing businesses from inception to fruition.

Violet is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist with applied Psychotherapy skills, a Master NLP Coach, which encompasses Neuro-semantics and Neuro-linguistics, and she holds Meta coach training certification.

With over 25 years of coaching experience, she specializes in small business initiation and growth.

During her earlier years, she pursued a diploma in Beauty Therapy, which included product creation and aromatherapy. These products are now available on the Crow and Cauldron Shop page.

Services Violet brings to the Cauldron

  • Mystical Mindset Coaching I - Pathways to Success

    Transform limiting self beliefs. Develop a deep understanding of thoughts and behaviour, improve your interpersonal skills and build self awareness. Create clear defined pathways to living your best life. (Recommended for Business)

  • Mystical Mindset Coaching II - (NLP Master Coach)

    Transform limiting self beliefs. Develop a deep understanding of thoughts and behaviour, improve your interpersonal skills and build self awareness. Create clear defined pathways to living your best life.

  • Personal Coaching & Development

    Coaching sessions delve deeply into self, helping to adjust perspective, gaining a wider understanding of situations even limiting patterns or beliefs. removing blocks, creating strong structures and strategies allows us to clearly build a road to succe

  • Mind Mastery Package

    Mind Mastery Package for 6 Personal Coaching sessions.

    One on One Coaching assisting in releasing repetitive/negative thought patterns or limiting belief systems. Creating structure and mapping in goal setting. This package is for 6 one hour sessions.

  • Psychic Development

    Psychic development working on your personal journey & spiritual connection with guides. These classes are one on one and can be either focused on an area you need help with, from tarot, oracle, pendulum, clairvoyance, cleansing, centring etc.

  • Psychic Reading

    Psychic clairvoyant reading including tarot for all aspects of life (if seeking a medium for crossed over loved ones please message to be referred to appropriate people) Location is Crow and Cauldron Peakhurst All pricing is inclusive of GST

Violet's FAQ

Violet is also known as

Violet Storm, or by Gypsy Cauldron

What is a Master NLP Master?

NLP coaching is all about understanding the brain’s language. This is why coaches who master NLP strategies are much more likely to build success stories. The role of NLP techniques entails patterns involving language to bring about a shift at the deep subconscious level.

Hence the term Master.

Here are five techniques that we often use to help our clients make big leaps forward - and give you a better feel of what to expect:

1. Anchoring - helps clients connect with their emotions that have been blocked in the past changing the emotional response within self

2. Changing the Limiting Beliefs

3. Rapport building

4. Reframing phrases - which leads to permanent changes of the mind

5. Visualization using trance or hypnosis as part of process

What is NLP Master Practitioner?

NLP master practitioner is a study of behavioral psychology. It generates a course of action by studying a person's thought process. NLP is a practical approach to change the way a person thinks, views past events, and alters the course of life with a different approach.

How do I, Violet, connect to the spirit world?

Violet connects in all her readings firstly to your energetic field - seeing patterns and colours she will often anchor herself through your palm connecting into your auric body taking in vibrational information.

Violet is a type of trance medium working with her guides and yours through clairvoyance (sight) and clairaudience (hearing).

Trance mediumship is not the same as mental mediumship and if you are seeking specific connection to a crossed over loved one your better off working with someone who specializes in this work.

Violet was born with two congenital conditions one with her eyes and the other with her ears and has had encounters with spirit since a child.

She was taught tarot as a young girl as the story of life and has used tarot as a channeled tool in readings.

Does Violet do over the phone readings?

If you can't make it in store for a reading, Violet also offers Zoom readings, where she uses tarot and her connection to her guides. In the Zoom readings, she also looks into client's energy files.

As she uses energy sight files as a guide, Violet cannot offer over the phone readings.

Fun fact about Violet

Violet's incredible talent as a hockey player is nothing short of inspiring. She not only excelled in the sport but also clinched multiple awards, a testament to her dedication and skill. Her prowess extended beyond the ice rink as she dedicated herself to training teams, sharing her knowledge and passion for the game.

But that's not all; Violet's sporting journey was multifaceted. She delved into the world of boxing, training at some of Sydney's most renowned rings. Her determination and commitment to mastering a completely different discipline showcase her versatility and drive to constantly challenge herself in the realm of sports.