Founder of crow & cauldron and Gypsy cauldron

- 25+ years in the industry
- Trance medium
- Energetic field spirit worker
- Television Feature on Psychic TV
- Psychic Development Teacher
- Spiritual teaching host
- Charity fundraising background
- Mental health advocate
- Master NLP Coach
- Neuro-semantics qualified
- Neuro Linguistics qualified
- Clinical Hypnotherapist
- Clinical Psychotherapist
- Meta Coach Training
- Business Coach
- Diploma in Beauty Therapy and aromatherapy for Crow and Cauldron products
- Earth Element of Crow & Cauldron

Meet Violet


aka Otherlee

- 20+ years in healing and psychic services
- Energy Weaver
- Energetic Alignment Therapy
- Psychic Clairvoyant/Intuitive Empath
- Advanced Crystal Healing
- Chakra Clearing & Balance
- Inner Child Healing
- Heart Expansion (for grief & loss)
- All above listed via using grid work
- Foot, Face & Ear Reflexology (Diplomas)
- Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting
- Essential Oil Wellness & customised blends
- Aromatouch Technique
- Natural Health Advocate
- Auric Clearing Master Healer Certification
- Teacher of spiritual and energy foundations, children’s crystal classes and essential oil introduction.
- Air Element of Crow & Cauldron

Meet Lee

Readers Room now available for hire!

Features: Easy street parking, Air conditioned space, Bathroom located in store, Bus stop directly in front of the store

For all enquiries, please DON'T use the contact form on this website, but email Violet directly at
or Phone 0422 057 507