Violet's Mudcake Spell

Violet's Mudcake Spell

Full moon release



Garden soil from base of tree
River water / sea water
Handful of sea salt 
Fresh rosemary
Fresh basil
Lemon rind zest 
Pebbles/stones/chips of tourmaline 



Wooden spoon
Mixing bowl/ cauldron



Place soil in bowl
Add in herbs & zest
Sea salt 
Mix nine times well

For releasing the old negative ways:

Hum god above protect me 
Release me from all that does not serve me
Repeat 9 times

For those that are harming you/bullying etc

Hum I am guided and protected lead safely to shore, a circle of light protects me and all that I adore.

Add in the water and stir as you hum your words. You may write on paper the names of those that are causing trouble push them firmly into the mud 

Take your stones and mud bowl out to garden dig a hole and place the mud bowl upside down and release it in to the ground 

Place stone on top to protect and weigh it down.

Sprinkle soil on top to cover.

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