Before beginning any craft Magick or ritual we must always cleanse the area.

It is asked that you wipe down surfaces with a nice organic natural bench cleaner and floor cleaner.

You can use a smudge stick/charcoal & Resin of sage or mugwort or any other clearing herbs. Please open windows and doors during this process.

Make sure when cleansing your sacred space that you also cleanse yourself, washing all negativity down the drain, & really letting go of all that doesn’t serve our higher purpose.

 If you are performing a bath ritual, your bath will take care of the cleanse at the same time.

Make sure that after your space & self are cleansed that you sit quietly and comfortably in your sacred space. Close your eyes and visualise a brilliant white light forming at top of your crown chakra. Imagine your eyes are looking at that point on your head. Then feel your eyes relax as the warm, protective light flows through your body through every aspect neck, arms , fingers, stomach, hip, legs and toes out into the ground beneath you.

Say to yourself or out loud ‘ I am protected and guided always, I call in only pure light and true intent’ repeat this 9 times.

Take this time after your white lighting to anoint any candles & set your altar or intention plates. Candles can be carved with names or initials or sigil of your design. Focus your energy on having the thing in your mind now.

Never make anything about the future - we aren’t there - we live in the present - so be present in the now with your desire. See, smell, taste and feel the experience as it is happening now. Hold it clear and strong in your mind then & only then light candles left to right.

Offerings or spell/charm jars can be placed on the altar for duration of the burning time. Small charms can be taken into our bags or work spaces after to use as touch stones helping us to live our desire now.

All jars/mojos should be treated with respect. Never throw them in a bin or undo them. Always bury your items once it’s worked. Mojos like to be fed occasionally to keep their spirits up. Give them a few drops of essential oils or perfume to the top outside of the bag - but remember - DO NOT OPEN!

Personally, I don’t like to blow candles out at all (You're blowing away the energy). Never leave candles unattended. Please, if you have started an intention/spell you should remain until the candle has burnt out. If the burn time is for a few days or ongoing, keep candle alight for no more than 4 hours for the candles sake, then put it out by snuffing the candle. Always make sure to trim wicks before lighting.

Candles with dried herbs or flowers do require watching as they are more flammable.

Once spell work is finished allow yourself the same time to sit quietly and comfortably calling back in the beautiful warm white light. Here is the time of our gratitude for this life & the great abundance it brings. This is time to fill our hearts with this incredible love the universe has for us all.

If you have any spellcraft questions, please feel free ask via our website contact form, or you can find me personally (Violet) on Facebook by searching Violet Storm, or Instagram by searching @gypsycauldron

Love & Light - Violet

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