Candle Colour Guide

Candle Colour Guide

A spiritual candle colour guide can be a helpful reference for choosing candles based on their colours and their corresponding meanings in various spiritual and esoteric practices.

Here's a basic guide to candle colours and their associated spiritual properties:

White: Purity, spirituality, truth, peace, healing, cleansing, divination and exorcism.

Red: Love/lust, passion, strength, career, fire, survival, action, independence,  energy, and vitality.

Pink: Love (romantic or self-love), caring, friendship, maturity, affection, nurturing, feminine energy and emotional healing.

Orange: Creativity, justice, legal matters, joy, ambition, opportunity, celebration, enthusiasm, and motivation.

Yellow: Sun, intellect, luxury, memory/mental focus, masculinity, confidence, happiness and positive attitude.

Green: Abundance, growth, luck, tree, plants, money, success, jealousy and harmony with nature.

Blue: Focus, forgiveness, good fortune, water, truth, serenity, intuition, communication, and protection.

Purple: Spirituality/spiritual power, third eye, government, break habit, drive away evil, psychic abilities, and transformation.

Lavender: Spiritual healing, relaxation, and connecting with higher realms.

Brown: Grounding, house blessing, locating lost items, animals, Earth, stability, home, and protection of pets and family.

Black: Absorbing negativity, safety, protection, banishing, and pride, shapeshifting and breaking bad habits.

Silver: Reflection, intuition, psychic development, and feminine energy.

Gold: Divine inspiration, wealth, success, and spiritual enlightenment.

Gray: Neutrality, balance, and resolution of complex situations.

Rainbow: Represents the full spectrum of possibilities, often used for chakra balancing and healing.

Additionally, some spiritual practices have their own unique interpretations of candle colours, so it's essential to consider the context in which you're using them.

Always practice candle safety and mindfulness when working with open flames for spiritual purposes.

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